Reflecting upon As-Sami’

I was reminded of two of Allah’s most beautiful names, and perfect attributes just recently – As-Sami‘ (the all-Hearing) and al-Mujib (The Answerer/Responsive).

My friend came over and was sharing her experiences of Hajj with me, may Allah accept it from her (ameen). She recalled tawaaf, and said that as she was going around the ka’bah, and was calling upon Allah, making du’a to the Mighty, the Responsive, she momentarily took in the scene around her. She thought: all the waves of people around her, also encircling the ka’bah, were calling out to Him too, making du‘a to Him too, and yet He, Most High, could not only hear her, but could hear all of them. Subhan’Allah, how amazing is that? Allah hears all of those people, and each and every one of His creation, because he is perfect and unlike his creation in His Hearing: He is as-Sami‘.

Whilst she was telling me that, it reminded me of an incident from the life of our beloved Messenger SAW where Umm-al-Mu’mineen, Aishah (RA) also noticed the perfection of Allah’s attribute of being the All-Hearing. Khawlah bint Tha’labah (RA) came to complain to Prophet Muhammad SAW about her husband. Although, our mother, Aishah (RA) was fairly near to Rasullullah SAW, she could barely hear the exchange of words between the Messenger of Allah SAW and Khawlah (RA). Yet Allah SWT, from above the seven heavens, not only heard Khawlah (RA), but also revealed an ayah about her, that will be recited  (and will remain) in the book of Allah until the Day of Judgment.

Imam Ahmad recorded that after this revelation, Aishah (RA), in awe of her All-Hearing Lord, remarked: “All Praise be to Allah, Who hears all voices. ‘The woman who disputed’ came to the Prophet SAW and argued with him while I was in another part of the room, unable to hear what she said. Allah, the Exalted and Most Honoured revealed: 

“Indeed Allâh has heard the statement of her (Khaulah bint Tha’labah) that disputes with you (O Muhammad SAW) concerning her husband (Aus bin As¬Sâmit), and complains to Allâh. And Allâh hears the argument between you both. Verily, Allâh is All-Hearer, All-Seer.” (58:1)

This hadith is also in Bukhari and other books of hadith. In the narration collected by Ibn Abi Hatim, Aishah (RA) said ‘Blessed is He, Whose Hearing has encompassed all things…’

Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah in describing the greatness of Allah, says about His hearing “…He hears all voices, and does not mistake one for another; He hears them all, in all the different languages and with all their varied requests and pleas. No voice distracts Him from hearing another, He does not confuse their requests, and He never tires of hearing the pleas of those in need.” Allahu Akbar!

You know, that quote is particularly amazing to me because of my nature. I don’t possess the quality that women are supposedly deemed to have: the ability to multi-task. I can’t do it. If I’m in the kitchen cooking for example and somebody is speaking to me, just one person, I’ll have to stop cooking to listen to the person if I’m to digest what they’re saying. Or at least slow down my chores quite drastically in order to follow their story. My family will bear testament to the fact that I often ask them to repeat things when they speak to me whilst I’m doing something else! I usually cannot do two things at once, sometimes even the simplest of things. But Allah, Most High, has no trouble hearing us all, all at once. In all our different tongues, at different places subhan’Allah. Whilst my friend was making Hajj, some of us were beseeching Allah at some point too. Yet, He heard her, and hears us; and He responded to her, and responds to us, subhan’Allah. 

I remember something that Brother Nouman Ali Khan said which was that you shouldn’t feel weird speaking to Allah. Speak to Him, ask of Him, praise Him and glorify Him. Allah hears you, so let Him hear the best of speech from you: Qur’an, dhikr, speaking about Him, good words, etc (I put an emphasis on good words because we really need to think about the way we speak to one another and the things we, at times, mindlessly utter subhan’Allah,  Allah hears that too! A reminder to myself first…)

So whether you whisper to Allah to help and guide you in a sad moment, or recite His praises a little louder on days such as Eid, know that He hears you. And govern your behaviour – specifically, your words – around that.

Please share if you’ve found this beneficial. Jazakum’Allahu Khairan

© Umm Isma’il, 2012